Lent Half

Senior Field Game

Not a victory against EJNR, perhaps, but an extremely spirited performance against stiff opposition, with some fine individual performances and tireless and united work from the College bully. Please click on the image to view the full photo gallery. Password is unchanged from Michaelmas Half (see below).

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I have been trying to order some photographs, but have hit a technical snag.
There are thousands of photos on this site, and it can become clunky. If you are ordering more than one or two photos, you may find it simplest to order them from me directly at [email protected]. Keep a note of the image numbers you want, and I will do everything I can to help.
I don't know which print format/aspect ratio to choose for the various photos I have selected.
Please make a note of the i.d. numbers of the images you would like, and let me know by email at [email protected]

I can advise on which aspect ratio will best suit your chosen images, to avoid any clumsy cropping.
I want to order really quite a lot of photos, but this feels horribly expensive. What can you suggest?
Please contact me to discuss what you require, and I will do what I can to arrive at a price that suits both of us.
How do I order a package of photos from two different galleries? The website doesn't seem to let me.
Yes, this is frustrating. The best way to do it is to contact me directly, and let me know exactly which images you are after. I will create a package for you.

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